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Building Info Modelling

Building Info Modelling

Dallman Johnstone employs the Virtual Building approach and this gives the competitive edge today while integrating our work into the Building Information solution.  This allows the client to quickly understand the design concepts with the use of the 3D model with fly throughs or walk throughs.  We can quickly and easily access just the right representation of the building for each design phase, and for all of the different partners involved in the project.  Our clients can see not only the functional arrangement and the site plan, but also how it feels to walk through the space, or how sunlight affects a particular room at different times of the day.

Consultants can receive the building data in electronic format, regardless of which CAD platform they are on, make changes and return the file to us for further work without any loss of the Virtual Building data in the process.  Comprehensive schedules and bills of materials are available for builders and sub-contractors, as well as drawings of scale-sensitive details.  Builders can plan tasks, create time-based animations and document any phase of a building’s construction or demolition.  For developers photo-realistic renderings can be produced.

We have the ability to create great architecture by:

  • Focusing on design
  • Managing change
  • Evaluating design alternatives
  • Collaborating
  • Co-ordinating

Building Information Modeling

The truth of sustainable design is that approximately 80% of the design decisions that influence a building's energy performance are made by the architect in the early design phase; the remaining 20% are made by engineers at the later phases of design.  Therefore, it is critical for architects to be able to utilise a quick and reliable energy performance evaluation at the earliest stage of the building design process.  Dallman Johnstone can easily analyse their design, at an early stage, for energy efficiency.  Providing invaluable feedback on the building's energy performance means that we can make better decisions on how to conform to regulations and satisfy the interests of the client and the operator of the building.  Ultimately, with energy efficiency, we all win!  Therefore, we offer:

  • Informed decisions;
  • Early and quick energy analysis;
  • Integrated sustainable design from the outset

Open Design Collaboration 

Dallman Johnstone incorporate collaboration capabilities within our workflow. We can share 3D models and 2D drawings.  We work seamlessly with our structural, mechanical & electrical engineers and other consultants and, most importantly, our clients, regardless of the software they use.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) has created unprecedented potential for design collaboration between Architects and Engineers.  With intelligent, model-based workflows between the various trades, co-ordination errors can be reduced to virtually zero.  Dallman Johnstone offers open design collaboration workflows.


Dallman Johnstone brings a new level of sophistication to interdisciplinary collaboration. With the newly introduced model-based version tracking, Dallman Johnstone can compare IFC model versions and to import only differences, displaying design changes with colour codes in the architectural model context.  The same feature allows you to identify changes in the different versions of your architectural model exported to your partners.  The combination of these comprehensive capabilities makes Dallman Johnstone extremely efficient at co-ordination.

Dallman Johnstone work with all their clients developing the design throughout all stages of the project.  The client will be encouraged to participate in design workshops where the Virtual Building model will be used to explore design ideas, with their various stakeholders. The benefits to client are that the stakeholders are more likely to ‘take possession’ of the project.

The staff are trained in the following software: ArchiCAD 15; AutoCAD; MS Office; Photoshop.