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About Us

About Us

Architects, Project Managers, CDM-coordinators

Creativity is the ability to improve.  Key to all projects is achieving the best solution for you, the client. Understanding your priorities, markets and constraints. We continue our commitment to sustainable development coupled with energy efficient designs, bringing savings on running costs and reducing CO² emissions.

Dallman Johnstone strive to give the client, stakeholders and end user “more.”  Recent examples of “more” are 3 extra houses on a site for Cairn Housing Association.  32 houses were anticipated but through careful planning by Dallman Johnstone, 35 houses were built, all with good plot sizes and designed around the existing street patterns and a green central area to encourage “community.”

"More" for a doctor’s surgery was a meeting room for 18 people within the overall envelope allowed by the Health Board.  Through reducing the circulation from 32% to 12.5%, the space saved was enough to form a large meeting room for 18 people at no additional cost.

"More" was the creation of an industrial and sporting village bringing in 500-600 jobs (SE figures) to Drumchapel through initiating an idea and working for 6 years in collaboration with others to turn this idea into a reality.

During the past 19 years all projects have been completed on time and either under, or on agreed budget.  Some have been completed early.

Since 1992 we have incorporated design for all physical and mental abilities.  The DDA legislation came 3 years later in 1995 and it permeates all we do.

We have been at the forefront of sustainable design since 1994 and were chose by UK Trade and Investment as 1 of 6 out of the UK to represent the “Best of British expertise.”  We have written sustainable guidelines and a green brief for use with clients.

We are now researching the avoidance of toxic materials.

As part of sustainability and energy efficiency we are now considering how to deconstruct buildings after their useful life to allow reuse of the component parts, through choice of materials, attention to detail, and how the materials are fixed together.

We are sensitive to site, context and client needs and aspirations.

Practice founded March 1992


Lillian E H Johnstone BSc(Hons) BArch RIBA FRIAS MaPM RMaPS

Christopher B Johnstone BSc(Hons) BArch RIBA FRIAS RMaPS

Supported by skilled and experienced staff.

4 design awards + award finalist.

2 best professional service awards

Twice chosen to represent Scottish / British Architecture globally