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Meiklehill House


Meiklehill House is a large sandstone two-storey villa (circa 1900) which has been used as a residential home and in more recent times as office space.  It is an imposing building with the traditional features normally found in a late 19th century villa – stone pillars, bay windows, ornate interior detail, fireplaces and cornice work.


The Building has considerable potential to be restored to its former impressive style.  However, there is evidence that an extensive programme of work will be needed to stop the current deterioration which has seen water ingress, wet rot/dry rot and a general decline to the point where the building is not currently habitable. A detailed evaluation of the required remedial works has been undertaken which identifies a likely cost of approx £500k.


Adjacent to the House are a selection of garages, workshops and outbuildings which are generally in a poor state of repair and are unlikely to be retained.  With some site clearance there is considerable potential to create a range of new workshops/additional office space with associated car parking. Development proposals have been worked up which would offer 2 additional houses of approx 13,000 sq ft at a cost of approx £700k.


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