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Lenzie Hospital Site - Integrated Care facility

This proposal on the former Lenzie Hospital site is for an Integrated Care Facility. It includes: an 8 person dementia care facility for Cube HA; a 64 bed “cluster” care home; a daycare centre for Morrison Community Care; 50 sheltered and very sheltered apartments of 1 and 2 bed apartments for McCarty & Stone. Dallman Johnstone was originally commissioned by East Dunbartonshire Development Company to look at the potential for this site. When the NHS saw our proposals, they used them for marketing the site and sent them out with the packsrather than the ones they had commissioned from Wylie Shanks. Dallman Johnstone Architects brought together the key players in this proposal and fulfilled their requirements whilst satisfying the requirements of the planning department for car parking and future expansion. Unfortunately the highest bid was to use the land for private housing rather than the Planners requirements of an integrated care facility. The housing did not go ahead due to the recession. We are hopeful that our proposals will be brought forward in the future.


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