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The Coachhouse, Abbotsford, Bearsden Feasibility Study

The Coachhouse as existing was too small for a family house and therefore required to be extended in a sympathetic manner.

Located within Old Bearsden outstanding Conservation Area it was intended that the new wing had the same character as the existing wing and the approach would be to make the extension look as if it had always been there.  The Coachhouse was approximately 5m deep, with windows to only one side.  Upstairs the problem of the narrow width was compounded by the fact that there was only limited headroom within the central area of the roof.  Circulation then becomes a key issue.

One approach was to extend the building along the same axis as it was, but this was found to be too restrictive to the internal planning as you may have been unable to put any windows onto the rear elevation along the boundary wall.  The solution to the circulation problem led to form a T shape so that the corner staircase would lead to 4 bedrooms upstairs within 3 wings, 2 new and 1 existing.  As the Coachhouse was quite dark and the site quite shaded, it was proposed that the extension make maximum use of the southerly aspect, thus forming a pleasant and sunny courtyard.  It was proposed that the new wing be the same length as the existing stable block because this formed a visual balance with the Coachhouse and provided the correct enclosure to form a courtyard with the Coachouse.  If the new block became any shorter then it would have been less sympathetic and would have looked ill-fitting, "tacked on" and squat.  The main entrance would form the link between the old and the new, with a conservatory (purpose designed and built, not ready made!) terminating the elevation.

The new roof would be slate and the same pitch as existing.  Bedrooms would have dormers in character with the Coachhouse.

The Coachhouse doors would be restored and the attractive diamond motif from the hayloft would be repeated elsewhere.


The existing area of the Coachhouse was approximately 110m2 (including the outbuildings).  It was proposed to extend the Coachhouse by approximately 50% to form a family home of 165m2.


The garage may be situated at the SE corner of the site, screening the site from the road noise and this was also a shady part of the garden.  The turning hammerhead was formed with the garage drive and the courtyard.


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