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Drumchapel Industrial & Leisure Village


Dallman Johnstone Architects were a catalyst for economic regeneration by initiating the idea of moving the Drumry Playing Fields to allow for expansion of Dalsetter Industrial Estate, a commercial development site and originally a residential housing development site.


Falmouth Harbourside

Falmouthhas developed in a way that it turns its back on the beautiful Fal Estuary. This master plan creates a vibrant waterfront for this beautiful estuary. The proposed £65 million re-development project links the town to the seafront. 12 options ranging from “do nothing” through to full quay development and new marina from Prince of Wales quay to the new Maritime museum.


Govan Industrial Area Improvement Guidelines

These Guidelines, developed by Dallman Johnstone, assisted existing companies to improve the appearance of the buildings they occupy and bringing forward a variety of environmental improvements in the public domain. This included:

• replacement windows

• external demolition including the removal of waste

• upgrading of stonework and brickwork

• recladding

• re-roofing

• general landscaping (both hard and soft) including seeding and associated works such as drainage, car parks, kerbs, lighting and street furniture


Kilmadock Development Trust

The trust commissioned DJ to develop proposals to this existing building and adjacent site. The proposals included: community use; heritage interpretation for visitors, start up business space and residential to the upper floors.  We managed to work with the planners to increase the height from 2 to 3 storeys to make the building work financially.

The planners thought the new scheme enhanced the existing building.

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